Overview of Articles

Vision, tips and tools to keep our conscience up to speed with today’s challenges. Posts re-think common sureties, teach principles and tools that will speed up reaction time, and judge current events and dilemmas from the moral perspective.

Virtue is about finding and taking the middle road between two extremes. The saint is the one who weathers every situation with calm, because getting to heaven is what matters most. Everything else is judged from that perspective. I will offer practical advice about how to keep that goal in mind, while applying ourselves to growth in virtue. 

Helping you understand what the Holy Father is saying in simple and straightforward language. 

Share what you believe with those you love the most. 

We take what's talking and break it down from a Catholic perspective: Causes, Consequences, Examples ... and then share our take. 

Learning about my God-given Character, and how to forge my tendencies hand in hand with the grace of God.