This Rome heat is penetrating. What the sun doesn't hit, is permeated by the moist air. Bad conditions for contemplative prayer inside a small room with no AC ... so I went for a walk among trees, birds and foxes. It was the first time I ever saw a ...
Fox in Italy, and it made me think of today's Gospel:
"Foxes have dens, and the birds of the sky have nests, but the son of man has nowhere to rest his head."
"Nowhere" is drastic. That means no rest. He was God, and therefore perfect. He could not, would not, lay his head to rest in any of the places we humans try to find rest all the time: human friendships / family ties / affection / recognition / esteem / praise / business success / sexual relationships / material possessions... The ONLY place Jesus could possibly have laid his head to rest was in his Father's bosom.

Then I turned to make another sweaty round.

And this time is was a few huge 4-foot long birds which darted out of hiding in the brush, making a horrible noise while flying to "safety"...

Yet despite their terror of humans, God takes care of them. They've got their nests, they eat, they raise their young. They worry about nothing.

"Lord, what are you telling me?" I had to ask... The same Gospel passage twice - animals I had never seen before. Then I simply starting going through the list of my resting places; of those which are not God. A fruitful moment of prayer; I begged for the grace to let him become my ONLY joy.

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