With just 2 words, Jesus would change lives: "Follow me."

The amazing thing is how fast our Lord turned these individuals like Matthew into apostles. There is not even a connecting sentence, and then we read: "While" Jesus was at his house - Matthew's - feasting together with all these sinners... etc.

It's all about CALLING. Jesus calls Matthew, and then puts him to work. The difficulty seems to arise only when at Matthew's house the pharisees complain that Jesus is eating with sinners. "How is it possible that Jesus could eat with sinners?" The focus has turned away from Matthew. And then Jesus gives us that awesome phrase: "I did not come to call the righteous but sinners."

However what I love about this passage is the connection between the end and the beginning. For Christ's phrase applies perfectly to Matthew, who because he was a tax collector, was considered a sinner, and who was called by Christ just the same.

Called to what? To be an apostle.

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